Freguco Rugs & Carpets, your area rugs specialist since 1907

Nice to meet you

Interior is in our blood for 4 generations. For more than 100 years we have invested our time in selecting and selling the most suitable carpets for every type of interior. Freguco Rugs &  Carpets is therefore your carpet specialist. In our webshop and in our showroom you will find carpets of top quality at a correct price. Thanks to our reputable service, customers are satisfied time after time. We assist you with advice and action and help you find the perfect carpet for your interior.

Back in time

In the early years, Freguco Rugs & Carpets worked under a different name: De Smedt & Zonen. We were known in our town, but certainly also further afield thanks to our impeccable reputation. Over the years we noticed that carpets always remained in fashion, because they add warmth and a sense of coziness to any interior.

Yet it was time for innovation. About ten years ago we switched to our online story. We saw a strong increase in sales, but people also continued to visit the showroom for personal advice.

Now offline and online

So we have found the perfect combination between offline and online: tailor-made advice in our store, but also our wide range of exhibits on the web shop. These days, with the help of the different media channels, it is easy to keep contact, exchange ideas with all our potential clients.  Where we initially started with 2 suppliers, we now maintain a sustainable cooperation with more than 30 top brands.

We do everything we can to make every customer feel good with his purchase. A happy customer who enjoys his carpet with a smile is our mission

Meet our team

Freddy, conversation architect

A Carnival Prince in his hey days, in an Oriental dragon costume, this is how he likes to be remembered. He taught us  about his big love, the Nepalese hand-knotted carpets. Thanks to his telepathic powers, he knows what you think and what you love. You do not keep anything secret from this guy. By one sympathetic word you immediately feel at ease, which is why he is also our conversational architect.

 Siemen, planning rock star

He would prefer to receive you for a candlelit dinner, with a delicious côte à l'os and a glass of Spanish Rioja wine. Unfortunately that is not possible in our store, maybe even at his home ...? An order that comes too late is his worst nightmare. That is why he plans everything down to the last detail (including his dinner dates ;-)).

Arno, new media guru

Working in the interior business is the perfect excuse for his Instagram addiction. His smartphone is actually stuck to his hand. In bed, on the toilet and yes, even at work, he constantly checks social media to get inspiration from it. He is happy to share with you all the new trends that he discovers. 

Razvan, digital overlord

He loves life and all the nice and beautiful things in the world, especially Belgian beer. If you ask (nicely) for it, or even if you don’t,  he might even share one with you. He is also our digital CEO. In this computerized world he can answer practically any question about online marketing and e-commerce without hesitation. 

Cris, text wizard

After a delicious dessert, the sweetest savarin, she is ready for it.  She puts on her creativity hat and writes as a real text magician the perfect description of each carpet. In every brainstorming session she enchants everyone with her magical ideas. 

Cristian, lucky charm

This man makes it his mission to make everyone happy with a joke here and there and fantastic interior design advice. He is only happy when everyone goes home satisfied and with a smile on their faces. He is the perfect person to inspire others with fascinating stories about his years of experience and exotic travels. This strategist also came up with the idea to also sell the carpets via the internet. Every day he passionately takes care of his online ‘little baby ‘ that is Freguco, so that he can now bring a bit of luck and happiness worldwide.

Joined forces

Our team only delivers top results when every link works together. By bundling all our individual strengths, we ensure that your interior gets a wow factor AND that you are always satisfied.

Gewoon heel tevreden over de hele lijn. Super mooie tapijt van Calvin Klein gekocht in een prachtige kleur en van prima kwaliteit.