1. Easy-to-do carpet maintenance

    Clean your carpet regularly with a commercially available vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. 

    Even the best quality carpets can give off some fluffs in the first couple of months. This is a normal process, please keep vacuum cleaning the carpet regularly and this will visible decrease. The best way to vacuum clean a carpet is going slowly in both directions ( length and width of the carpet ). Don't use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar as this might damage your carpet.



    Some individual threads may come loose during the first few weeks of use. Do not pull longer threads protruding from the pile. Cut off these threads with a pair of small scissors.


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  2. How to choose the right size for your carpet?

    When the clients ask us whether there is a “golden rule” when choosing the size of a carpet for their living, our answer is always the same: There is no “golden rule”! It all depends on your taste, the place you have, and the type of furniture you already have in that room.

    There are, however, 3 main options when talking about size:



    OPTION 1:

    A large rug, where all furniture pieces, such as armchairs, sofas, corner sofa, tables and footstools will sit on.  Such a living room will look more pulled together when you choose such a size. What do you take into account when you decide for this layout? There are a few tips, amongst which:

    • Keep your rug around 30 to 40 cm away from the free, visible walls;
    • Make sure the distance from the back feet/side of the furniture to the edge of the carpet is of at least 10-15 cm
    • Be careful with a too
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  3. Does my bedroom need a rug?

    Gone are the days when you threw a couple of small carpets around the bed and the job was done. Bedrooms have become far more important in our daily (or nightly) life, and decorating them well takes time and energy. It should do anyway, because living a good life relies on a good, healthy night sleep. Ensuring that you achieve a calm, balanced interior scheme and the right carpet/area rug can make it or break it can definitely help this. So our suggestion is take your time, and choose what is right for you. At the end of the day it’s your home, so you need to decide. We have put together a few tips, which we hope will help you choose the right area rug.



    • I know it sounds strange, but leaving it to the last minute in choosing the carpet sounds like decorating the bed, and then ordering the furniture. We feel that the carpet is one of the first objects you should consider. This is because you have usually
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